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Disconnecting From My Phone and Laptop

Basically I knew the only way I’d be able to do this was if I parked in the far dirt lot, left my phone and laptop in my car and went to the library to study. I disconnected for about 5 hours before realizing that I had to use the computer to read online documents for class. Five hours is pretty pitiful but it felt like an eternity to me. I probably don’t spend more than a couple hours at a time without looking at my phone. I did find that I got more studying accomplished during that time because the temptation to look at my phone from time to time wasn’t there. However, I didn’t have the internet to look up terms I didn’t understand in the reading which made it kind of a pain to have to go back to. As for day to day CI  activities, I have no idea. I stayed in my corner of the library and didn’t participate in anything. I’m a recluse. I have a dozen cats on hold for me at Petco until I graduate and get a place that allows pets.


GI Tube Patient Education

When caring for your G-tube, it’s important to maintain the site by keeping it clean with soap and water and reporting any pain, inflammation, or drainage to your physician. It’s also important to maintain a dry dressing around the area to prevent contaminants from entering the site . Your G-tube should also be flushed before and after medication administration as well as every eight hours. If you’re on fluid restrictions, verify the exact amount and procedure with your physician.