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Atrial Fibrillation Research: New Technologies for Examining Electrical Conduction in Patients with Afib

Research coming from Vadim Fedorov is focused on finding a cure for patients with persistent forms of atrial fibrillation. Flourescent dye and four infrared cameras are used to capture 40,000 recordings of the heart’s electical patterns, revealing a 3D map of electical activity within the heart. This is much different than current practices of obtaining only 200 images from only one side of the heart. The 3D map allows Fedorov to pinpoint the exact areas causing atrial fibrillation, which would be the target for ablation therapy. Fedorov’s research may be a solution to resolving persistent atrial fibrillation which has been widely considered incurable as well as take guess work out of current ablation practices.



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Final Semster of Nursing School!

It is unbelievable that we are already entering into the last semester of nursing school. I am so excited to use this semester to grow and transition from the mindset of being a student nurse to being a registered nurse in just a few short months. Although there may be a lot of stress associated with this transition, I am going to open all of this change with open arms and keep on moving towards the ultimate goal of becoming an RN.