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CPR and MI Interview

I decided to interview my parents and my boyfriend about what CPR is/entails and what an MI is. Much to my surprise, both of my parents knew not only what CPR and an MI are, but also what happens during each. Both of my parents work in law enforcement, so I knew that probably knew what CPR was, but I was surprised that they knew so much about MI’s as well. My mom mentioned that part of it has to do with things that have happened to friends and family as well as being out in the field with paramedics who respond to a lot of calls they also respond to. My boyfriend on the other hand only knew what CPR was/what it entails as he dives and works in the ocean for a living, so CPR is a mandatory course. However, he did not know what an MI was. So I started by explaining what MI stood for and mentioned that it is the medical term for heart attack. When asked to explain what a heart attack actually meant, he had no idea except for the “typical” symptoms of an MI. This prompted me to really explain what happens to cause an MI (even going on Google to show him pictures) as well as to explain some of the atypical symptoms of MI. Overall, it was an interesting experience talking to my parents and my boyfriend about medical terms.


Heart Healthy Diet

I cataloged my food for yesterday (2/6/17) using the MyFitnessPal app. Back in August of 2016, I decided to make a life style change and start eating healthier to not only lose weight, but to have more energy and just feel better! Yesterday was a typical day for me since starting my new healthy lifestyle! My usual day includes 2 shakes, 2 snacks, and 1 meal! Below are images of my day! The American Heart Association suggests keeping sodium intake around 1,500 mg and saturated fat intake around 13g. My total sodium intake was 1,484 mg and my total saturated fat intake was 5 mg! To see that my typical day is around/below those suggestions is very exciting! I could definitely live everyday on a heart healthy!



Spring 2017

I am very excited to be back from winter break and to power through these last 4 months! I can’t believe how quickly these last two and a half years have gone. Over break I took an ACLS and EKG certification course as well as a PALS certification course. I learned so much and I can’t wait to start using what I learned in the clinical setting. I am currently on a tele unit for our transitions course and I enjoy using the skills I learned about EKGs to try to read my patient’s rhythms. I look forward to seeing what the rest of my nursing school journey has left to offer.


24 Hour Disconnect

Let’s just start off by saying, no matter how many days I tried to disconnect from social media and electronics for a full 24 hours, I failed EVERY TIME. Although it may not be why you think I failed. I am not addicted to social media and I have an easy time putting my phone away to study and do homework. The problem is that my phone has become my lifeline. It has everything in it. This includes my work schedule, events, study groups, and homework assignments. I can promise you this: if it is not on my phone calendar or in my notes on my phone, then it might not get done. I also have a planner that helps to keep me organized, but I do not always have access to it, whereas I always have access to my phone. Another reason is that I am a nanny and must have my phone with me at all times in case the parents need to get in contact with me. I am also listed as an emergency contact for the children, so if for some reason the school could not get ahold of the parents I would be called. I take my job very seriously, so I always have my phone on me just in case. Lastly, being a nursing student, double majoring in psychology, and working is really stressful. At the end of the day everyone has their own ways of decompressing. My way is talking and venting to my boyfriend because he has been my biggest support system throughout this crazy journey. He always knows how to make me feel better. The issue is that he lives 200 miles away, so the only way we can talk is to call each other. All in all, I really did try to disconnect. It just isn’t a realistic thing for me to be able to accomplish, especially with my job.


Tibia/Fibula Fracture “Fun Facts”

– Only the tibia bears weight, so isolated fibula fractures allow for ambulation.

– Most fractures to the lower leg are open.

– Tibia fractures are the most common long bone fractures (40%)

– Can cause compartment syndrome (pressure build-up inside a space in the body, can require surgery)

– Can be low-engery (falls/athletics) or high energy (motor vehicle accidents/gun shots





First Post

Hi all,

I am still trying to figure out how to use this website, but I am excited to see where it takes me. With technology taking up so much of our lives these days, I believe that using this website to discuss up to date nursing research as well as for my own resume is a great idea. I am a little nervous about getting used to this system. Although, with more practice it will only get easier.