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Phantom Pain Management

Phantom limb pain (PLP) is when painful stimuli is perceived in the area of the lost limb. This is not to be confused with Residual limb pain (RSL), which is located at the stump. For example, the area of amputation such as the arm can result in pain sensory in the “phantom” thumb. Management for phantom limb pain is usually done by an injection of local anesthesia at the peripheral nerve (Moesker, 2014). New studies demonstrate effective use of cyroanalgesia to resolve PLP. In a study conducted by Moesker et al (2014), 5 patients with an amputation participated in being administered cyroanalgesia for their PLP. Cyroanaglesia is a specialized technique able to provide long-term relief of chronic pain my applying cold which acts as a conduction block that works similar to local anesthesia (Moesker, 2014). Three of these patients experienced a 90-100% decrease in their pain levels, 1 with a 60% decrease, and the last one with a 40% decrease (Moesker, 2014). For long-term pain treatment this demonstrated positive effects as the average follow-up time was 1.2 years (Moesker, 2014). Patients who lose their limb to trauma or PVD may now have an option of cyroanalgesia for long-term pain management.

Moesker, A. A., Karl, H. W., & Trescot, A. M. (2014). Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain by Cryoneurolysis of the Amputated Nerve. Pain Practice, 14(1), 52-56. doi:10.1111/papr.12020


Knowledge of Drugs (Friend)

Interviewing a friend they stated the drugs they take is Dayquil and Extra-Strength pain reliever (Rite-Aid) brand. States he takes Dayquil when he has a sore throat or congestion, takes two cups, and doesn’t know how much of the drug hes getting but that it’s purpose works. States he take Extra-Strength pain reliever for headaches or if his joints hurt. States he doesn’t know what the recommended doses are or safe ranges is for each. Friend states he knows acetaminophen in the pain reliever can cause liver damage so he only takes 2 pills when hes symptomatic (1000mg), and knows Dayquil has acetaminophen too so he doesn’t take mix both. He states during deployment he hurt his back and had to take 800mg of ibuprofen q2hrs. Once i found this out i informed him the importance of making sure to take recommended doses and when to REALLY take the medications when he needs them. Friend states that lavender tea helps him go to sleep, him and his girlfriend. This is the only herbal remedy that is used besides ginseng peppermint tea to reduce congestion.