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Heart Healthy

It would be extremely difficult for me to adjust to a heart healthy diet. the amount of sodium i consume is about 4,880 mg and 97 grams of fat. i know i could cut down the amount of fat and sodium intake if i really wanted to but right now, its not something i am wanting to do. I’m aware i won’t be able to eat the way i do in the future so i’m taking advantage of it while i can. It’s probably not the best choice, but eating pizza every day makes me happy. I workout 1.5 hrs a a day 5x a week so i’m pretty active and try to build muscle. Staying active is a big thing for me and i try to somewhat balance out my bad eating habits by working out


Plan for the semester

I plan to keep and open mind and to make the most out of this semester so that I can have a great experience. I’m nervous yet extremely excited to be back in the clinical setting.



During school, it is easy for me to disconnect from my phone. My friends and family know I’m in school so they don’t bother me with texts or calls. However, just because it is easy for me to not need my phone it is hard for me to not want to use it. I spent most of my morning in the library reading and doing homework but found that I would get bored and distracted easily so I would subconsciously go online. I had back to back classes from 12-6 so again, it was easy to not need my phone during those ours. While walking to my classes, I noticed some people had their earphones on and I did not see many people in groups. Because I was observing others, I purposefully tried to make eye contact with people but noticed that many either look down or just have a glazed look on their face. I believe technology has taken over our generation and a lot of what we do involves our phones or computers. Because I did this on a day when I had class, I found it kind of easy but if I had done this on a weekend, it would’ve been hard for me.


Patient Education on GERD

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is the backwards flow of acid from the stomach into the esophagus. This happens because the valve this prevents the acid from flowing up into the esophagus does not close properly.

Some common symptoms that may be experienced include indigestion, regurgitation, pain on swallowing, and excess production of saliva

Before taking medication, less invasive measures should be initiated to help with the s/s. Nutrition plays an important role. There are certain foods that may make the symptoms worse. Foods to avoid include chocolate, caffeinated beverages, spicy foods, mints, and acidic foods like tomatoes, lime etc. Eating smaller meals throughout the day instead on three large meals is best. Try to avoid eating or drinking 2 hours before bedtime/lie down. Elevating the head of the bed on 6-8 inch blocks may help if the symptoms occur at night. Avoid tight fitting clothes and if weight needs to be lost, 5-10 lbs may help. Smoking can make GERD worse, so cessation is important.

GERD can be treated at home by buying OTC meds. For indigestion, antacids like Tums can help. Meds that reduce acid, such as Pepcid are also helpful **before buying, consult doctor to make sure they are not contraindicated with other meds that are being taken**


First Day

I am excited to use CI Keys and use this platform to interact with my peers. I’m not tech savvy so it’ll be interesting to use this, but hopefully I get the hang of it soon.