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Heart Healthy

This week, I was given the task to evaluate how I ate. Right from the start, I noticed that I frequently eat out a lot. Due to the fact that I am only feeding myself on a limited budget, I have learned that it is cheaper to eat out. I would attempt to buy items to cook for myself, but due to being a full time student and part time employee, I had very little time to cook for myself. In addition, food that I did buy would frequently go bad before I had time to cook it, or it would be more expensive to buy all of the ingredients rather than going somewhere and purchasing a portion size for just myself.

The second thing I noticed was my high salt concentration. Ever since I was a child, I have always loved salt. My mother tells stories about how she would catch me eating salt straight out of my hand as a child. I began to think about patients who are on salt restrictions, and I can’t imagine being able to cope with a salt restriction.

One thing that helped me eat healthier was writing down everything I’d eat in a day. Once it came to dinner time, I would look back at my day and realize how unhealthy I had been or how little fruits and vegetables I had consumed. As a visual learner, this task really put things into perspective for me and would be something I would suggest to my patients should they ever need a restriction.


The era of technology

If there was anything that I learned about attempting to stay away from my phone, it’s how overly dependent our generation is on cell phones. Between school, work, family, and friends, I was physically incapable of staying away from my phone for longer than an hour or so. I would use my phone to organize study groups, to figure out what time I needed to go to work, to google directions to the place where I was going, and so on. Granted, I’m sure that a majority of the things that I used my phone for could have been saved for when I saw the individual in person, but a lot of people now become worried or offended if a call or text is not answered within a timely manner. I don’t think that this dependence is any sort of problem (except for when people can’t get off of their phones while driving!), I just think that our generation has grown around technology to the point where it has been incorporated into the way of living. It could be compared to back when cars were first invented; sure people had lived for so long without cars, but the invention of cars made things so much easier and eventually became a daily norm to the point where now it is not even questioned.

Below I have posted a video that I think everyone in my generation should watch. We were born with all of these amazing advances in technology, that not everyone is fully appreciative of the progress that has been made in just a short amount of time. This is one of my favorite videos that I’ve watched about 100x, enjoy!


First Post!

I am very excited to start MedSurg II! If anyone wants to put together study groups, let me know and we’ll make it happen!