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Disconnect yourself from everything was the challenge.  Was it possible ? Somewhat, but overall no. I can’t believe how much of my life revolves around my phone, computer, or even listening to the radio when I’m driving. I stopped by some grocery stores and noticed many people on their phones. Even when having lunch with my classmates most of us were having  a conversation, but our phone was always by our side and constantly in use. Its very surprising how much I need my devices whether it is to socialize or to complete my daily duties with school and work. Its definitely necessary that we take some time away and look at our surroundings and engage in conversations with people.  Its something good to try once in awhile and see the difference .


Hey Guys, (:


So its almost my 21st birthday, but I forgot I am in nursing school and I have to study. Any who lets have a productive second year full of new learning experiences. (: